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Ginger Zielinskie, President & CEO of Benefits Data Trust, leads a diverse and dedicated team committed to transforming how people in need access public benefits and services. Committed to cross-sector collaboration, Ginger works with states, cities, the private sector and community based organizations to understand the true outcomes achieved when people are able to meet their basic needs. Fueled by opportunities to better serve low-income families on their pathway to economic stability, financial independence and better health, Ginger works to liberate & leverage social services data in order to uncover opportunities to make sure that the right people get the right benefits at the right time. As an organizational leader, Ginger is proud to lead an organization that provides a place and space where people want to work, empowers individuals and teams, and remains fiercely committed to solving tough problems. Ginger received an MBA in Social Policy and Management from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.


The JCPH Forum covers new research produced by Benefits Data Trust, in cooperation with academic and state institutions, which proves that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is associated with improved health outcomes and reduced health care costs. Cross-matching medical claims data against benefit enrollment data demonstrated that SNAP participation significantly reduced 1) the likelihood of nursing home use, 2) the likelihood of hospital and emergency room use, and 3) reduced Medicare and Medicaid costs.


  1. Describe the design of a data-driven program that shares information across sectors and evaluates social determinants of health
  2. Identify ways to overcome administrative challenges to data sharing in order to promote public health and population health initiatives
  3. Explain how public and private healthcare payers, as well as healthcare providers participating in delivery system reform, can invest in efforts to help people meet their basic needs in order improve health outcomes and build true person-centered health and human service delivery systems.

Presentation: 48:18

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