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This is the final published version of the article from The Cureus Journal of Medical Science, 2018 May 24;10(5):e2683.

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Publishing a manuscript in an academic journal represents more than just 'promotional currency.' It provides the opportunity to provoke debate, share your experiences, and challenge the status quo on provider practices. Writing a manuscript relies on collaboration and shared responsibility from a research team, which can often challenge mentors as they supervise and guide its development. While there are numerous online resources and peer-reviewed journal articles on 'How to write a scientific article,' we aim to tackle an even larger and overarching theme that transcends specific journal categories, writing styles, and citation formatting. In order to guide new researchers in navigating the expansive ocean of scientific publications, we collected, reviewed, and revised 11 tips based on multiple focus-group discussions with junior and senior researchers to determine common barriers for publishing manuscript. The goal is to help mentors and mentees navigate the research and publication processes. The tips include: 1) recognizing leadership styles; 2) initiating the groundwork; 3) establishing backup plans; 4) making a deadline; 5) courting the editor; 6) determining authorship; 7) finding personal incentives; 8) writing what you know; 9) sharing with caution; 10) following directions; and 11) Consider open-access journals.

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