Building History of the East Falls Campus


Building History of the East Falls Campus


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This conversation covers:

  • Robert J. Reichlin House/White House
  • Hayward Hall
  • Hesslein Library/Student Services Center
  • Scholler Hall
  • Althouse Hall
  • Softball Field
  • Search Hall
  • Pastore Library/Architecture and Design Center
  • Roseneath Farm
  • President's House
  • Lankenau School
  • Archer Hall
  • Downs Hall
  • Stone Stage
  • Wallenberg Center
  • Townhouses
  • Gibbs Hall
  • Goldie Paley House/Design Center
  • Ravenhill Mansion
  • Ravenhill Chapel
  • Fortess Hall
  • Mott Hall
  • Partridge Hall
  • Weber Hall
  • Ravenhill Dining Hall
  • Ronson Hall
  • Smith House
  • White Corners
  • Gutman Library
  • Roxboro House
  • Independence Plaza
  • Tuttleman Center
  • Kanbar Campus Center
  • Gallagher Athletic Center
  • SEED Center
  • Field DEC Center
  • Ronson Health and Applied Science Center

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Building History of the East Falls Campus