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A bibliographic record on the history of dermatology has been a project that started over 4 decades ago. It is a collection of all forms of history, ranging from dermatologic conditions, to famous dermatologists and physicians who have advanced the field of both dermatology and medicine, to the different countries that promoted the development of scientists, researchers and physicians alike.

It was decided that the bibliographic record would encompass journals, books and a compilation of obituaries. A pertinent question is whether a manually created bibliographic project is still warranted in the 21st century. In short, yes. While Index Medicus has expanded the number of journals that are indexed, the number of dermatology publications currently included by Index Medicus exceeds 164; however, not all are in English or easily accessible. Although most of the papers of dermatologic interest are included in these journals, some contributions are also located in non-indexed publications. In addition, many documents of an historical interest or of a biographical nature are not necessarily selected for indexing in Index Medicus.

The amalgamation of these historical publications from 2010-2015 will be divided into 3 separate contributions: journals, obituaries and books, with only those in English being recorded. Not only will this bibliographic record serve as a formal collection on the history of dermatology, it will also provide a reference to those wishing to enrich their knowledge on the expansion of the different fields of dermatology over time. It will also serve as a reminder of the achievements of our dermatology forefathers, from whom we have still so much to learn.

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