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This is the authors' final manuscript from the journal, Clinics in Dermatology, Volume 38, Issue 3, May–June 2020, Pages 365-381

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During the Wild West era of American history (approximately 1870-1900), at least 53 dermatologists settled between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Coast. In 1870, two dermatologists began their practice in the city of St Louis, Missouri (William Augustus Hardaway and Solomon Claiborne Martin, Sr) and one dermatologist started his practice in San Francisco, California (George J. Bucknall). By 1900, 50 more dermatologists had settled in 19 cities located in the American West (Tables 1,2). There, they established practices, initiated academic programs, and pioneered dermatology as a medical specialty in the western United States. This contribution provides brief biographic profiles of these early western American dermatologists. It also presents several dermatology-related vignettes from the Wild West that involved such colorful personalities as Doc Holiday, Calamity Jane, and Sister Mary Joseph. From these beginnings, 150 years ago, the specialty of dermatology would further spread and develop across the American West during the 20th century.

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