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Teaching Community Health Workers

In rural Rwandan villages, the communities are linked to healthcare through Community Health Workers (CHW). CHW are appointed based on village election and the requirement that they can read and write. The Rwandan Ministry of Health provides general health training to the CHW so that they can educate and advise the village on health related matters. CHW administer educational sessions at village meetings about prevalent health issues, and advise members of the village when they should go to the Health Center. JeffHEALTH’s teaching aims to supplement the Ministry of Health training. Topics are chosen and approved by the Project Director Andre Munyantanage, village leadership, and head of the local Health Center. The topics are in accordance with the Rwandan government development program Vision 2020.

Education Topics Include:

Family Planning, Teenage Sexual Health, HIV/AIDS Prevention, Dental Hygiene, Breast and Cervical Cancer, Prevention and Detection, Nutrition, Prenatal Care, Soil Helminths,Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

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JeffHEALTH Medical Student Exchange in Rwanda, CWIC, Thomas Jefferson University


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JeffHEALTH Medical Student Exchange in Rwanda