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The Problem

  • The number of participants in high school sports has increased since 1989 (National Federation of State HS Association).
  • From 2000-2010 7% of public schools cut athletic programs while less than 1% added them (Sharp Center Univ. Michigan).
  • Some estimates predict 27% of public high schools will not offer varsity athletics by 2020 (Sharp Center Univ. Michigan).
  • School’s are dropping athletic programs (as well as music and theater programs) due to budget cuts.
  • Alternative approaches schools are taking include “pay to play” which increases the financial burden on students and families.
  • In 2011, 3 out of 4 school districts in PA planned to decrease the number of extracurricular activities to deal with increasing budget cuts (Hardy).
  • Despite increased participation, high school sports programs are threatened by budget cuts.

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The Public Health of Youth and High School Athletics, CWIC, Thomas Jefferson University


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The Public Health of Youth and High School Athletics

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