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The purpose of this project is to provide access to healthy and affordable foods to the families involved in Maternity Care Coalition’s Early Head Start program as means to reduce obesity in the 0-3 year old children. Implementing the C.H.E.W. (Cultivating Healthy Eating and Wellness) program, which includes a new food buying club where families can access healthy food at whole sale prices as well as nutrition education workshops throughout the year, will provide access to the healthy and affordable foods needed. The program is focused on pregnant women and young families with children 0-3 years of age to attempt to reach children at a young age as to prevent a future of obesity and chronic disease.

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Initiating C.H.E.W. at Maternity Care Coalition, Thomas Jefferson University, College within a College, C.H.E.W, Maternity Care Coalition, Obesity


Maternal and Child Health | Public Health

Initiating C.H.E.W. at Maternity Care Coalition