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Vietnam is currently facing a public health crisis. Rates of chronic and preventable diseases are climbing, in addition to mortality rates from these diseases. If nothing is done to halt these rising rates, the health of the Vietnamese people will only continue to decline. Although there may be many factors contributing to these high death rates due to chronic diseases, risky health behaviors, such as smoking, and the state of the healthcare system can be considered two main contributors to the leading causes of death in Vietnam. The high smoking rates and high costs of healthcare are hindering the health of Vietnam, and may be related to the top causes of death, including stroke, ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lower respiratory infections (World Health Organization and UN partners, 2015). Implementing government programs, including smoking cessation, smoking education, tobacco taxes, healthcare education, and continued work toward universal healthcare coverage, will hopefully help decrease the rising rates of chronic diseases and the high mortality rates they cause.

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Leading Causes of Death in Vietnam