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The Center for Urban Health (CUH) and the Office for Student Life and Engagement at Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) are working with two public elementary schools in Philadelphia – Southwark School and Independence Charter School – to create a culture of health in the schools. Both schools wish to establish an environment that promotes health and safety and assists children in developing life-long healthy habits. The offices at TJU set out a plan to

(1) Assess the current policies and climate at the schools,

(2) Identify priority weaknesses to address,

(3) Connect TJU’s various health professional schools and student organizations with the elementary schools.

The goal is for TJU students to assist in addressing the schools’ needs by developing health promotional programs and volunteering their time to implement the programs. Our project was to address the first step of this plan: to develop a wellness assessment to evaluate the health policies and practices in the schools.

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School Wellness Assessment: Creating a Culture of Health, CWIC, Thomas Jefferson University


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School Wellness Assessment: Creating a Culture of Health

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