Sir Astley Paston Cooper, M.D., FRCS, Bart., (1768-1841) studied under the great anatomist, William Hunter, and was himself a master anatomist. He was was "one of the first surgical teachers to substitute practical demonstration upon an actual case for the old didactic theory-mongering of the past." (F. Garrison, History of Medicine, p.480.)

Published just before his death, On the Anatomy of the Breast demonstrates Cooper's mastery through outstanding illustrations. It "includes one of the earliest descriptions of hyperplastic cystic disease of the breast, which Cooper referred to as 'hydatid disease'." (Morton's Medical Bibliography, nos. 5769, 5769.1) The plates of volume two are described and identified in the last pages of volume one.

Cooper's 1840 edition is reproduced in two formats for the Jefferson Digital Commons. Two large PDF files offer a faithful reproduction of each full volume. For greater ease of use, each chapter and plate is also listed separately, and plate descriptions have been attached to the individual plates.

Volumes, Chapters and Plates