About the Center for Applied Research on Aging and Health and the CARAH Newsletter

Our Mission

The Center seeks to enhance the quality of life for people as they age through research, training of health professionals and facilitation of evidence-based clinical service. This is accomplished through theory-driven research with practical health care and quality of life implications. The Center seeks to develop models for translation of research into clinical practice, as well as explore opportunities for academic-community partnerships. We encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary approaches to problems of public health importance covering the topics of physical frailty, dementia care, end of life comfort care, healthy aging, aging at home in place and quality of life issues.

How to Participate in Our Research

To learn more about our research studies or volunteer to participate in a study, please contact us by calling (215) 503-2897. A member of our research team will provide you with information on current studies and determine if study participation is right for you. Or, please visit our web page (www.jefferson.edu/jchp/carah) to complete a registration form and someone from our office will contact you.