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Currently, 60% of orthopedic surgeons are specialists, 25% have specialty interests, and the remaining 15% are generalists.1 Given the numbers, most orthopedists focus on a specific anatomical area or patient demographic, from delicate nerve work to the larger surgical field encountered in adult reconstruction. This article embarks on a journey through the diverse and impactful world of orthopedic subspecialties, shedding light on the breadth of practice offered.

According to Joseph A. Abboud, MD, a Rothman Orthopedics upper extremity surgeon, residents typically decide on a sub-specialty in their third or fourth year. For medical students, whether captivated by orthopedics or still exploring future specialties, this article serves as a starting point to understanding the subspecialties and as a potential guide to future specialty choices. This article also aims to illuminate the characteristics within each subspecialty, hopefully spurring more interest in the diverse and fascinating craft.

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