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The Operating Room, the operating theatre, the lair of the Orthopaedic surgeon, it goes by many names. It is a place most try to avoid, but this daunting windowless room is a classroom and training ground for many. And for the medical student interested in an orthopaedic surgery career, making an impression in the operating room is vital to matching into their desired orthopaedic residency.1

Unfortunately, making an impression in the operating room is difficult, or more precisely, making a good impression in the operating room is difficult. Furthermore, every operating room dynamic can be different, and the personalities of the surgeon, fellow, resident, and surgical team can vary widely. Stone et al, found that 72% of medical students felt unsure about the expectations in the surgical OR.2Thus, with the approach of orthopaedic rotations, students should undertake some training or at least consider how to act in such an environment.

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