Submissions from 2014


A plausible mechanism, based upon SHORT-ROOT movement, for regulating the number of cortex cell layers in roots., Shuang Wu, Chin-Mei Lee, Tomomi Hayashi, Simara Price, Fanchon Divol, Sophia Henry, Germain Pauluzzi, Christophe Perin, and Kimberly L Gallagher

Submissions from 2012


Thermodynamic analysis of DNA binding by a Bacillus single stranded DNA binding protein., Esther E. Biswas, Jirayu Kukiratirat, and Subhasis B Biswas

Submissions from 2010


Interaction of extracellular domain 2 of the human retina-specific ATP-binding cassette transporter (ABCA4) with all-trans-retinal., Esther E Biswas-Fiss, Deepa S Kurpad, Kinjalben Joshi, and Subhasis B Biswas