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Research funded in part by the Arlen Specter Center Research Fellowship.


Amongst all the things Senator Arlen Specter had accomplished in his thirty years as a United States Senator, one of the most fascinating is that of the late Senators work on the Israel-Palestine conflict. The long-held debate of the borders surrounding Israel & Palestine has made politicians and people chose sides. As a Jewish individual, Senator Specter had to set aside his religious and personal beliefs to affectively pass legislation in the state of Pennsylvania and United States Congress. One of Senator Specter’s largest areas of study was Middle East Diplomacy. His Pro-Israel stance led him to have an aura of power that led him to have such a successful senatorial career. Senator Specter seemingly acted as a liaison between President Netanyahu and President Assad. Serving as a peacemaker for two of the tensest sovereigns in the world is not an easy feat. An examination Senator Specter’s legislation, archival collection, as well as books written about the Senator and his legislation, demonstrates the impact and importance his diplomacy and conversations can have on foreign policy.