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July 2005


This paper has been accepted for publication in: Teaching and Learning in Medicine. The journal's website is:


Background and Purpose: The physical examination section of a multimedia program developed to teach infant history and physical examination skills was evaluated.

Methods: 71 students participated: one group viewed only the physical examination section (PX), one the history section (HX), one none of the program (CX). Physical examination skills were assessed by direct observation of medical students performing an abdominal exam and scored using a checklist at baseline, immediately after intervention and at the end of the pediatric clerkship. Results were analyzed using ANOVA with repeated measures.

Results: Baseline scores were: PX 2.5; HX 2.8. The PX group scored significantly higher immediately post intervention at 6.8 compared to the HX group 3.1. At the end of the clerkship significant differences between the groups remained. Final group mean scores were: PX 5.5, HX 4.4 and CX 2.7.

Conclusion: The program improved examination skills with attenuation over 6 weeks.