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This article is the author's final published version in Future Cardiology, Volume 19, Issue 8, June 2023, Pg. 385 - 396.

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Aim: Compare heart failure (HF) costs of Furoscix use at home compared with inpatient intravenous (IV) diuresis.

Patients & methods: Prospective, case control study of chronic HF patients presenting to emergency department (ED) with worsening congestion discharged to receive Furoscix 80 mg/10 ml 5-h subcutaneous infusion for ≤7 days. 30-day HF-related costs in Furoscix group derived from commercial claims database compared with matched historical patients hospitalized for <72 h.

Results: Of 24 Furoscix patients, 1 (4.2%) was hospitalized in 30-day period. 66 control patients identified and were well-matched for age, sex, ejection fraction (EF), renal function and other comorbidities. Furoscix patients had reduced mean per patient HF-related healthcare cost of $16,995 (p < 0.001).

Conclusion: Furoscix use was associated with significant reductions in 30-day HF-related healthcare costs versus matched hospitalized controls.

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