Venous Thromboemboli: Should your patient with a DVT be admitted?

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Learning Objectives:

  • Feel confident in identifying risk factors for developing VTEs
  • Counsel patients on consequences of DVTs
  • Understand basic treatment recommendations for DVTs and superficial venous thrombosis
  • Be confident in who can be treated as an outpatient for DVT

What will not be covered:

  • Pulmonary emboli (pathogenesis, sequelae, treatment, etc.)
  • Diagnosis of VTEs
  • Pharmacology/dosing of anticoagulants
  • Pathophysiology of inherited thrombophilias
  • Pathophysiology of acquired thrombophilias
  • Anatomy of all the veins in the body
  • Pros/cons of thrombolysis and thrombectomy
  • VTE prophylaxis

Presentation: 51:15