As we introduce the latest edition of The Medicine Forum, the journal of our Internal Medicine residency program, we're thrilled to showcase the diverse talents and perspectives of our resident physicians. Evolving alongside our program, this publication serves as both a platform for scientific inquiry and a canvas for creativity, reflecting the dynamic interests of each resident cohort.

We must extend our heartfelt gratitude to our current editors, Amman Bhasin, Suraj Nyalakonda, Mez Kamanu, and Alex Grivas, for their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in shepherding this journal to new heights. Their commitment to excellence and their vision for the future of The Medicine Forum have been instrumental in its continued success.

Furthermore, we would be remiss not to acknowledge Dr. Coppock, our faculty mentor, whose guidance and support have been invaluable in nurturing the growth of this publication. With his expertise and passion for education, we are confident that The Medicine Forum will continue to flourish. We would also like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Debbie Bizup and Joanne Gotto and Tim Flanagan for their invaluable contributions behind the scenes, ensuring the success of The Medicine Forum.

As we turn the pages of this latest edition, let us celebrate the passion, talent, and community that define our residency program. Each article and illustration is a testament to the enduring legacy of Jefferson Internal Medicine and the bright future that lies ahead. As Chiefs, one of the most rewarding aspects of our role has been witnessing the remarkable growth of our residents. We are consistently impressed by the scholarly endeavors of our residents, spanning diverse areas of inquiry and innovation. Your dedication to academic excellence underscores the depth of talent within our residency community. Throughout our tenure, we've had the privilege of observing you all evolve as clinicians, researchers, educators, and advocates. As you prepare to embark on your future careers, we sincerely hope you carry with you the lessons learned and the experiences gained during your time in our residency program. May you continue to embrace the values of lifelong learning, compassionate patient care, and advocacy for positive change, making a lasting impact in your respective fields and communities.