We are honored to present the 25th Annual edition of The Medicine Forum, carrying forth a quarter-century tradition of scholarly work produced by faculty, residents, and students -- proudly shared with the Jefferson community and beyond. The Medicine Forum embodies the collective voice and spirit of our residency, serving as a vibrant platform for scholarly and artistic expression, and showcasing the remarkable talents and diverse perspectives of our program’s faculty, residents, and students.

Throughout the years, The Medicine Forum has evolved alongside our program, adapting to the changing interests and passions of each new cohort of residents. It serves not only as a platform for scientific inquiry but also as a canvas for exploring the humanities and celebrating creativity. This 25th edition contains a mosaic of articles, essays, and artwork, each reflecting the unique experiences and insights of our resident community. Indeed, we are proud to present a reinvigorated humanities section, as medicine increasingly becomes technologized and digitized, threatening to alienate physicians from their patients -- and each other.

We express our most profound gratitude to the Department of Medicine leadership and administration, our faculty mentor Dr. Dagan Coppock, our editor and printer Timothy Flanagan, the many subspecialty fellows and attendings that graciously offered or agreed to peer review submissions, and, of course, the talented and dedicated faculty, residents, and students who submitted pieces for consideration. To our supporters, thank you for making his journal possible. And finally, to our readers, thank you for partaking in the 25th edition of The Medicine Forum.