Our program continues to train the best and brightest residents in the country. As we complete another challenging academic year marred by the ongoing fight against gun violence in Philadelphia and across the United States, the opioid pandemic and the ever present threat of another COVID-19 surge our residents have continued to rise to every challenge and thrive as physicians. During the three years we are fortunate to have them at our program, it is my distinct pleasure to watch them grow into confident, dedicated, compassionate clinicians. The residents are not just outstanding clinicians but excel in all aspects of medicine including research, humanities and medical education.

This will be my last year writing to all of you as the Program Director. As I move on to new career challenges, I leave Jefferson with hope and gratitude for the future of medicine. The exceptional altruism and dedication portrayed by our colleagues is unmatched. Despite the challenges, they have treated every patient with grace and poise working alongside faculty to support the Jefferson mission: We Improve Lives. In the midst of the chaos, our residents have still completed research, quality improvement projects and contributed to the humanities. This publication is just one example of the passion, dedication and creativity our residents continue to provide to the Jefferson Community.

This journal, now in its 23th edition, continues to exemplify the perseverance, inquisitiveness and talent of our Internal Medicine residents. Congratulations to the Editors and all of the residents who contributed to another amazing edition of the Forum. I hope you will enjoy reading it!