It is our honor to present the product of 22 years of resident-run tradition – the 2020-2021 annual edition of The Medicine Forum. In the world of Jefferson traditions, ours is a small one. There is no regalia, pomp and circumstance, or any such fanfare in this marking of the year’s close. Rather than the celebratory release of those other springtime occasions, this publication is a representation of the yearlong dedication and hard work of our residents and fellows in their academic pursuits.

We at The Medicine Forum know that producing scholarly work even during what would constitute a normal year can be that added stressor that just feels like too much. In a year where we have continued to see high caseloads of COVID-19 (bearing the emotional toll that comes with it to providers), scrambled to vaccinate as many of our clinic patients as possible against the disease, and tried to balance a world attempting to go back to normal during clearly abnormal times, it amazes us what you all were able to produce. To our submission writers, thank you for sharing in – despite all this – perhaps medicine’s most important practice, the furthering and dissemination of medical knowledge.

To our supporters, thank you for making this journal possible. And finally, to our readers, thank you for partaking in this, our small tradition, the 22nd edition of The Medicine Forum.