Dear Students, Residents, Faculty, and Friends of the Forum,

We are delighted to present you with the 18th annual edition of The Medicine Forum. Each year, we continue to be humbled by the dedication and passion of our students, mentors and colleagues and thankful for the opportunity to work with and among them.

At Jefferson, we are privileged to treat a diverse and complex panel of patients in the heart of Philadelphia, making this institution and this city a wonderful place to learn medicine. The backbone of The Medicine Forum has always been a place for Jefferson students, residents, and faculty to teach us about medicine by telling us the stories of their patients. This edition includes a case of a young man with sudden painless weakness found to have thyrotoxic periodic paralysis, a case of acute liver failure secondary to mushroom poisoning, and a unique description of gemcitabineinduced steatohepatitis, among many others. The Medicine Forum is a wonderful way for our community to share our knowledge. In the city of Philadelphia, we would be remiss not to quote Benjamin Franklin who said “an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”