We are excited to present you with the 16th annual edition of The Medicine Forum. This work is a culmination of months of effort on the part of medical students, residents, fellows and faculty to share clinical pearls from the last year of their experiences.

Amongst the greatest strengths of medical professionals and patients alike is the ability to tell stories. Stories, and how they are told form the basis of medical care. The way in which a particular patient's story unfolds has a lasting impact on physicians, trainees, other medical staff, and perhaps most importantly, on future patients. Stories of patient cases formed the earliest beginnings of evidence-based medicine. There is a Babylonian tablet dating earlier than 6000 B.C.E. which describes a case of "dropsy", for the instruction of patients of this condition.1 Stories told amongst practitioners of medicine date back to the first published medical journal, the Acta Medicorum Berolinensium, from Berlin in 1722.2