To Friends of the Department of Medicine:

Earlier this academic year, The Institute of Medicine(IOM) issued their most recent report, “Resident DutyHours: Enhancing Sleep, Supervision, and Safety,” whichrecommends changes to medical residents’ duty hours andworkloads to “promote conditions for safe medical care,improve the education of doctors in training, and increasethe safety of residents and the general public.” While theIOM simply makes recommendations, the AccreditationCouncil for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) makesthe actual rules that a residency program must follow inorder to maintain accreditation. Under the leadership ofthe ACGME, one of the Residency Review Committees(RRC) establishes these accreditation guidelines for internalmedicine residency programs. In March 2009, the ACGMEwill convene a duty hour conference to review the recentIOM report and discuss possible changes in current RRCrules. I will be attending this conference.