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Course: LS 803 Contemporary Topics Research - Cytotechnology and Cell Sciences

Course Instructor: Dr. Paula McCourt

Department: Medical Laboratory Science, Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology Department, Jefferson College of Health Professionals


The popularity of a plant-based diet is sweeping the western world. Markets and social media influencers are promoting and encouraging this dietary lifestyle. With people switching diets, research is needed to see how one’s gut microbiome and health are affected. In this review article, the health effect of a plant-based diet on the gut microbiota is evaluate. Over 15 articles contained research on the physiology of the gastrointestinal system, microbes in the gut, nutrition, and diets affecting health issues. It is concluded that a plant-based diet promotes good health and gut microbiome; however, there are some nutritional deficiencies that may arise from a plant-based diet. For one to fully benefit from the health effects of a plant-based diet, supplements need to be taken consistently.