In the 2016-2017 academic year, two then-second year SKMC students. Linda Magana and Kevin Guttierez, created and conducted a “Race and Medicine” course that first year SKMC students could receive credits for their Humanities Course. The Office of the Dean at SKMC has created a new lecture series called, “Confronting Racism, Bias, and Social Injustice in Healthcare.” This first-of-akind at Jefferson educational series is meant to educate on this important topic and to allow us to begin the discussions needed to move us forward in our quest to provide the best patient care. The content was developed by Drs. John Spandorfer, Traci Trice and Bernie Lopez.

The lectures include:

  • "Black Man in a White Coat" Damon Tweedy, MD
  • "Punching Ideological Extremism in the Face: A Neuroscience-based Approach to Bridging the Partisan Divide" Emile Bruneau, PhD
  • "An Introduction to Medical Racism" John Hoberman, PhD
  • "Mistreating Health Inequities in the Genomic Era" Dorothy Roberts, JD