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Purpose: As the CBL cases have become more refined, there is a desire to continually improve the way cases are being facilitated, understand the methods that are working well, learn if there are practices that are detrimental to learning, and better understand how students are transitioning to teams. This project gathered information from both the from the Class of 2023 during their first year in the SKMC program and their CBL facilitators in order to improve the CBL facilitation. With the information gathered, there were two aims. First, to generate suggestions which were discussed at the CBL facilitators’ back to school meeting. Second, to work towards improvements in the first CBL transition during Wellness Week.

Methods: The data was collected in the form of an IRB exempt survey via GoogleForms. The survey links were emailed to the Phase 1, Year 1 CBL students and their Phase 1, Year 1 CBL facilitators twice (5/11/2020 and 5/19/2020). Responses were collected, complied, and sent to Dr. Truong and Dr. Ankam prior to the faculty and curricular development meetings for the 2020-2021 academic year. The target learners were SKMC students with particular emphasis on Year 1 students.

Results and Conclusions: When asked to rate CBL experience overall, responses from both students and facilitators were positive. Students expressed a desire for there to be changes made to the Wellness Week programming and results were mixed when asked if a structured teambuilding activity would be a good addition to CBL. Both Dr. Truong and Dr. Ankam expressed that the feedback collected from the surveying was useful and implemented in their planning for the 2020-2021 academic year. Future surveying could seek to collect data on whether students and their CBL facilitators feel that there has been improvement made in the delivery of CBL and Wellness Week.