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Introduction: Mothers suffering from opioid addiction are at high risk for experiencing extreme stress levels which prevents them from providing a healthy and nurturing environment for their family. The aim of this project is to explore if a doula-supported care team alleviates the parenting stress of new mothers participating in opioid addiction rehabilitation.

Methods: A total of 35-40 women in treatment at the Montair program for substance use disorder rehabilitation were recruited to participate in the City of Philadelphia’s Community Doula project. The Parenting Stress Index Score (PSI) was recorded and compared to a control group composed of women in the same rehabilitation program who did not utilize the doula services. Additional qualitative interviews were recorded through phone interviews.

Results: Parenting women with opioid use disorders experience high levels of stress. We hypothesize that women who utilize the doula program will have significantly lower PSIs than those who do not. Major results of this study show (placeholder). This project originally aimed to explore the effect of the doula program on attachment styles on women participating in substance abuse rehabilitation through a comparison using the Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale (KIPS). However due to limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic this original goal could not be accomplished.

Conclusions: We hypothesize that the implementation of doula-supported services will alleviate parenting stress to a significant degree. If our hypothesis is correct the results of this program would support future funding for the continuation and expansion of the City of Philadelphia’s Community Doula program.



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