Submissions from 2018

Big Data Analysis and Genetic Liability to Neuropsychiatric Disease, Panagiotis Roussos, MD, PhD

Submissions from 2017

Noncoding RNAs Regulating Differentiation and Cancer, Anindya Dutta, MD, PhD

Identifying the micro from the peta: tales of big data in the micro world, Nikos Kyrpides, PhD

The Human tRNA Story: A Complex Epigenomic Landscape Unfolds, Todd M. Lowe, PhD

Submissions from 2016

About Chomsky, DNA Patterns, Non-Coding RNAs and Cancer Patients, George A. Calin, MD, PhD

mRNA and tRNA Modifications in the Regulation of Gene Expression, Tao Pan, PhD

Submissions from 2014


Patient Derived Xenografts (PDX) and Individualized Cancer Therapy, Carol J. Bult, PhD

Transcriptome sequencing uncovers functional variation in the human genome, Tuuli Lappalainen, PhD


Systems Biology in Cancer Medicine: Combinatorics and the Long Tail, Edison T. Liu, MD

Ending Stunting in Rural Africa through Enhanced Nutrition and Micro-Nutrients in Plants". It is not so much a question of more food. It is more a question of better food., Howard-Yana Shapiro, PhD

Submissions from 2013

miRNAs in the oncogene and tumor suppressor network, Lin He, PhD

Regulation of miRNA expression in the context of functional lateralization of the brain, Oliver Hobert, MD

Submissions from 2012

Cellular RNA Memory and the Sentinel RNA Hypothesis, James Eberwine, PhD

piRNAs and piRNPs: the good shepherds of the germline, Zissimos Mourelatos, MD

Submissions from 2011

MicroRNAs: Biogenesis and Function, Eric C. Lai, PhD

MicroRNAs as targets and targeted therapies in cancer, Frank Slack, PhD

Two stories of small RNAs in synaptic plasticity, Neil R. Smalheiser, MD, PhD