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Coaching in Context (CinC) is a conversation-based approach intended to foster clients’ goal attainment through coach-facilitated self-discovery of insights and solutions. Anchored in positive psychology, CinC situates clients as resourceful experts, and builds upon clients’ strengths to promote awareness and insights about factors that potentially impact their goals, and to strengthen problem-solving skills. CinC conversations are contextualized within lived environments including tasks demands and life roles. CinC intends to operationalize and organize professional coaching competencies into a model that health, rehabilitation, education, and human service professionals can embed into their practice.

The CinC model was developed and published in four iterations. Version 1 of the model was described in Boney et al. (2018) and was substantially different from the subsequent iterations, as it did not fully represent professional coaching competencies. Version 2 (Cadematori et al., 2021), version 3 (Potvin et al., 2021), and version 4 of the model include a different visual representation and descriptors of CinC to improve others’ understanding of the approach, but the intent of the model itself remains unchanged.

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