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This module is designed for those who use the Developmental Assessment of Young Children (DAYC) as part of early intervention. To complete the activities in this module, you will need a copy of the five DAYC subtests, the Profile/Examiner Summary Sheet, and the DAYC Examiner’s Manual. Learning Objectives Following review of this module and completion of recommended activities, participants will be able to: · discuss the use of the DAYC in the Philadelphia Early Intervention system. · identify the components of the DAYC. · calculate a child’s chronological age in order to establish the start point for administering the DAYC. · find the basal and ceiling in order to calculate DAYC raw scores. · convert raw scores into age equivalents, percentiles, standard deviations, and determine the child’s DAYC results in relation to his or her chronological age · summarize and apply DAYC results in the MDE/IFSP form.