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Out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) is a life-threatening medical emergency that can potentially be reversed by cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Compression-only CPR (COCPR) training has been proposed as a public health tool to improve CPR training rates and reduce OCHA fatality. Evidence exists to suggest that COCPR training can confer a similar immediate level of skill when compared to traditional CPR training. We conducted a rapid review of the published literature to determine if COCPR results in similar long-term skill retention to traditional CPR training. A search of PubMed and Scopus was performed to identify English-language studies published since March of 2011 that assessed knowledge and skill retention of COCPR training and/or traditional CPR training. Studies were excluded if they did not focus on untrained bystanders. A total of 10 studies were ultimately identified to satisfy the inclusion and exclusion criteria of this review. All studies that directly compared COCPR and traditional CPR showed no appreciable difference in skill retention between COCPR and traditional CPR training. All survival studies showed similar survival and neurological outcomes between COCPR and traditional CPR, with limited evidence that COCPR resulted in superior outcomes. In conclusion, the literature showed that in bystanders without prior medical training, training in compression-only CPR can result in similar, or even superior, long-term skill retention when compared to traditional CPR training. Future research should focus on cost- and time- effectiveness of COCPR training programs, as well as further research into real-world outcomes.