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  • There are a number of regimens used to treat relapsed/refractory aggressive lymphomas and little consensus exists on the best salvage treatment.
  • No regimen has shown clear superiority but uniformly there was an inferior outcome among patients who had relapsed after a prior rituximab containing regimen.
  • Ofatumumab is a fully human IgG1k monoclonal anti-CD20 antibody. It recognizes a distinct epitope on the human CD20 molecule. In vitro studies with ofatumumab have shown more complement dependent cytotoxicity than rituximab.
  • Bendamustine has single agent activity in relapsed aggressive lymphomas and has a favorable safety profile.


  • We conducted a phase I trial using a novel RICE-like salvage combination regimen in which ofatumumab is substituted for rituximab and bendamustine replaces ifosfamide in combination with carboplatin and etoposide (BOCE) to assess the safety and toxicity profile of this combination.
  • The objective from the phase I part of this trial was to assess safety and tolerability of this combination.

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