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After graduating from Jefferson’s surgical residency program in 2008, Negar Golesorkhi, MD, went on to complete a prestigious breast surgical oncology fellowship at Allegheny Medical Center. She has since returned to her native Virginia where she is in private practice at the National Breast Center in Lorton. Just a few years into her practice, Dr. Golesorkhi has already pledged to support the surgical residency program that trained and prepared her so well.

Dr. Golesorkhi’s commitment to the newly established Surgical Alumni for Education Fund will support academic enrichment for a surgical resident each year. “Surgical residency education is dual-faceted,” she says, “One aspect is focused on hands on clinical practice of general surgery and the other aspect is preparing to be credentialed.” Dr. Golesorkhi recalls the challenge of studying for the boards on her own, with assistance from the attendings and her fellow residents. She ultimately decided to take a formal preparatory course and feels strongly that such programs can be very beneficial for some people. “I knew I had the clinical knowledge, but I had to learn how to apply it to a standardized examination. These programs helped me pass my boards, but they are very expensive.” Tuition for preparatory courses can cost several thousand dollars – a significant price to pay on a resident’s salary.

Dr. Golesorkhi decided to contact her former mentors, including Dr. Karen Chojnacki, to express her interest in providing financial support and put the wheels in motion. Dr. Chojnacki, director of the surgical residency program, explains, “Because of Negar’s generosity, we will be able to support residents better in the credentialing process. One of our recent graduates was given the first stipend from the fund to take board review courses in preparation for the American Board of Surgery certifying exam. We are so grateful to Negar for this gift and the great opportunity afforded to our residents.”

Dr. Golesorkhi feels that she has a duty to give back and hopes others will feel the same. “It is a family there – the residents, the attendings, everyone – and I’m so proud of my education at Jefferson. The program has given me so much that I feel that I have to give back in some way.”

For additional information about the Surgical Alumni for Education Fund, or to make a contribution to the Department of Surgery, please contact Lara Goldstein in the Jefferson Foundation at 215-955-8797 or Email Laura Goldstein