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Progress…Service Lines

Many in the Department have been involved with our institutional efforts initiating five robust service lines here at Jefferson. These service lines are co-directed by a physician and an administrator, supported by Executive Committees and Working Committees, and focused upon five specific areas of clinical activity:

• Cancer

• Cardiovascular

• GI/Transplant

• Neurology/Neurosurgery

• Musculoskeletal

Our surgeons touch each of these areas, serve on their committees, and have helped direct initiatives dealing with quality and outcomes, growth of services, recruitments, marketing, etc. These service lines cross the traditional departmental silos, bring together physicians, surgeons and administrators who are focused on care in the given clinical areas, and have proved, even early in their existence, to be valuable as we look to grow, expand our imprint, and prepare for Jefferson’s medicine of the future. Of note, these service lines also provide opportunities for focused multidisciplinary training of our residents, students and fellows…in one of the five clinical areas mentioned above.

Additionally, a sixth, more “informal” service line deals with the Multidisciplinary Center for Critical Care. Recently new critical care beds have been built both at the Jefferson Hospital of Neuroscience (JHN) and on the 4th floor of the Gibbon Building, ushering in a more robust opportunity for us to care for the increasingly ill and complex patients that are being treated here. As Thomas Jefferson said in 1810, “As new discoveries are made…institutions must advance also, and keep pace with the times.”

Boy, are there changes afoot!