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Tanya Wynder, MSN, CRNP, NP-C

Tanya Wynder

Tanya Wynder is one of two Transplant Surgery Nurse Practitioners in the Department of Surgery. She came to Jefferson in April 2006 from Temple University Hospital.

Can you describe your role as a Transplant Nurse Practitioner?

I am deeply involved in patients' pre- and post-operative care, including patient assessment, history, and physicals. I provide direct care immediately after surgery for patients at the hospital as well as outpatients at the clinic. In 2007, we transplanted 63 livers, 47 kidneys, and 3 pancreases at Jefferson.

What's the best part of your job?

Well, there are really two things. First are the people I work with. Here, nurse practitioners are truly valued and have an important role. That goes a long way in my job satisfaction. Second is getting to know pre-transplant patients and then to see the real transformation the surgery brings to their lives. For example, kidney recipients no longer need dialysis 4 hours a day for 3 days a week -- that's more than 600 hours a year that they get back. Imagine what you would do with an extra 600 hours a year!

How did you become interested in transplant surgery?

When I was younger, my father needed a heart transplant. He wasn't patient. One day he said "enough" -- he left the hospital and died the next day at home. While I am first and foremost a professional, I think with that experience I bring another layer of compassion and understanding to my patients and their families.