Jefferson Surgical Solutions

The past nine years have brought a series of mergers and acquisitions that dramatically expanded the physical footprint and clinical resources of Jefferson Health. What started as an academic medical center in Center City Philadelphia has grown to a robust network of 17 hospitals and physician practices serving patients in five Delaware Valley counties, and beyond.

Jefferson Health’s growth has fueled new opportunities to improve patient care, clinical research and medical education. Achieving those goals requires thoughtful integration of people, processes and technology—with strong leadership to guide the journey.

In January, Jefferson Health formally named an Enterprise Surgeon Leader for each surgical specialty. These leaders are now conducting assessments and building plans to strengthen their respective domains across the Jefferson enterprise.

A top priority is identifying and mapping relevant clinicians and quantifying case volumes with a focus on demand/capacity issues and recruitment goals. Enterprise Surgeon Leaders are also reviewing current clinical protocols and making updates to reflect the latest evidence.

Vice Chair for Quality and Safety Scott Cowan, MD, is collaborating with the leaders to identify and track domain-specific quality metrics, as well as to gather their input on a cross-domain “surgeon scorecard” now in development.

We’ve asked these enterprise leaders to find ways to teach students, residents and fellows beyond the bound of the current educational structure. To that end, they are conducting enterprise-wide assessments of current undergraduate and graduate medical educational initiatives in their respective domains.

On the research front, the Enterprise Surgeon Leaders will be exploring clinical and translational research opportunities to further expand Jefferson’s footprint. Of particular interest: opportunities to strengthen collaboration across the enterprise to increase success in clinical trials.

In the coming months and years, these leaders will play key roles in driving growth and innovation that benefit Jefferson patients, students, clinicians and other staff.

Enterprise Surgeon Leaders

Bariatric Surgery: Dr. Ramsey Dallal

Breast Surgery: Dr. Kristin Brill

Cardiac Surgery: Dr. John Entwistle, III

Colorectal Surgery: Dr. Benjamin Phillips

Plastic Surgery: Dr. Matthew Jenkins

Surgical Critical Care: Dr. Joshua Marks

Surgical Oncology: Dr. Nader Hanna

Surgical Quality and Safety: Dr. Scott Cowan

Thoracic and Esophageal Surgery: Dr. Nathaniel Evans III

Transplant Surgery: Dr. Kenneth Andreoni

Trauma Surgery: Dr. Murray Cohen

Vascular Medicine: Dr. Geno Merli

Vascular Surgery: Dr. Paul DiMuzio