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Lara Allan Goldstein

Lara Allan Goldstein is the Director of Development for the Department of Surgery. A Jefferson employee since 2003, she joined the department in November 2006. Previously, she served as the Director of Regional Giving for the Jefferson Foundation.

How do you define your role?
I meet with patients, families, and friends of the Department and help to find a match between what they want to support and what the various divisions and physicians need to make their programs most successful, whether it’s to expand programs, pursue innovative research, or enhance patient care.

What do you like about your position?
I enjoy working with individuals who are so committed to Jefferson and want to make a difference by giving back in some way. It’s exciting to learn from the patients and their families about the great impact our Jefferson staff and surgeons have had on their lives.

What’s a common misconception about development?
I’m not sure people realize there are many different ways to give, beyond an outright cash gift. Appreciated stock, real estate, and bequests are options, as well as charitable gift annuities and charitable trusts, which provide income during a donor’s lifetime. Congress has provided a temporary opportunity for those 70 years of age to make a gift directly from their IRA. These can be attractive options for a donor who may want to earn income, reduce capital gains or estate taxes, or provide for their heirs.

What is most satisfying about the work you do?
It’s gratifying to see how pleased the donors are when they see the difference their generosity makes. It’s great to help facilitate a process that strengthens the Department in achieving its mission.