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Jefferson continues to set the trend in breast care with the opening of Jefferson- Honickman Breast Imaging, located on the 4th floor at 1100 Walnut Street, in January 2007. This is the first phase of a three phase facility project that will provide our patients with the most advanced expertise and technology as well as personalized patient care in a warm and comfortable environment. The remaining phases of the Jefferson Breast Care project include breast screening, an MRI and a center for clinical, educational and support services.

With the growth of a comprehensive breast care program, Jefferson Surgeons continue to be at the forefront of care. The surgical practices of Drs. Gordon Schwartz, MD, MBA, Anne Rosenberg, MD, and Kristin Brill, MD are dedicated to breast surgery. Several general surgeons also specialize in breast surgery including Adam Berger, MD, Karen Chojnacki, MD, Melvin Moses MD, Bernadette Profeta, MD, and Gary Rosato, MD.

Dr. Rosenberg emphasizes the comprehensive, multidisciplinary services available at Jefferson. "From prevention and genetic screening programs to early detection as well as surgical and non-surgical treatment options, we offer the entire spectrum of the best of what medical care has to offer today."

Dr. Brill explains that we are planning the new Jefferson Breast Care Facility to create an easy, stress-free experience for patients. "The program emphasizes communication between patient and doctor, but also among surgeons, radiologists, nurses, technologists, and other healthcare providers," she says. "The art of what we do is to reassure women that treatment can be customized to suit their particular situation, lifestyle, and stage of life."

Thanks to the skills of our plastic surgeons, James Fox, MD, John H. Moore MD, Stephen Copit, MD, and Gary Tuma, MD, Jefferson leads national trends relating to mastectomy and reconstruction, including LAT Flap (Latissimus Dorsi Myocutaneous Flap) reconstructions. "LAT Flaps" can be much easier for women to live with than the more traditional TRAM Flap reconstruction that requires taking skin, muscle and fat from the abdomen. Nationally, 30 to 35 percent of women have breast reconstruction immediately following a mastectomy. Jefferson’s rate for patients over the age of 65 is even higher than that. "We show no age bias," says Dr. Brill, "and equally encourage our older and younger patients to take advantage of the excellent team of plastic surgeons."

Jefferson surgeons are educators and leaders in the field. Dr. Schwartz organizes a highly respected biennial international breast cancer Consensus Conference. "We do this to bring together the best experts to discuss and debate a chosen topic and ensure that the latest treatments are available to patients worldwide," explains Dr. Schwartz. The Jefferson program also offers one of only 30 breast surgery fellowships across the country.

Visit www.jeffersonhospital.org/breast for more information.