Jefferson Surgical Solutions


Jefferson’s Honickman Center is being built to create an exceptional patient experience that combines comfortable, healing spaces with the convenience of many care services in a single location. In addition to supporting patients’ health and well-being, the building will offer an abundance of resources to support employee wellness.

“The COVID-19 pandemic revealed just how difficult it can be to work in healthcare,” explains Catriona McDonald Harrop, MD, Senior Vice President of Jefferson Medical Group and Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine. “The pandemic also compounded longstanding challenges related to stress and burnout among care teams.”

Alongside growing emphasis on more holistic healthcare for patients, Jefferson is investing in resources to provide whole-person support to physicians, nurses and other clinical staff. As Dr. Harrop explains, “Jefferson has gradually expanded our framework to support our people’s health and wellbeing. We’re using two evidence-based models – the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s eight dimensions of wellness, which we call ‘Holistic Health,’ and Stanford University’s three-domain model of professional fulfillment.”

Earlier this year, Jefferson introduced the Jefferson Wellbeing Council to guide implementation of these practices. This council has created a standard of wellbeing for all Jefferson employees across the enterprise. To support that standard, the sixth floor of the Honickman Center is being designated as the Staff Support floor.

The Staff Support floor will feature an Employee Wellness Center – more than 1,000 square feet of workout equipment and yoga zones with beautiful views of the city below. There will also be lounges, a lactation room, offices and conference rooms.

“These spaces will all be reserved for Jefferson care teams and employees to help them relax, unwind and reconnect,” says Dr. Harrop.

The Employee Wellness Center is being built with generous support from Dr. Harrop, Drs. Charles and Theresa Yeo, and other department chairs within Jefferson Health. The Office of Institutional Advancement invites Jefferson leaders, clinicians and patients to make a gift – or name a space in the gym – to send a powerful message of support to Jefferson’s care teams.