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Meet the Staff


This Spring, Paul Hazen and Brielle Maugeri joined the Department of Surgery as Education Programs Administrator and Residency Program Coordinator, respectively. In these roles, Hazen and Maugeri will support expansion of the Department of Surgery’s Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs.

Paul Hazen

Hazen joined Jefferson from Einstein Health, where he was a residency coordinator and then a fellowship coordinator. Prior to that, he served as program manager for Emergency Medicine at Drexel Hahnemann and held administrative roles at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

At Jefferson, Hazen is focusing on centralizing the Department of Surgery’s educational programs and streamlining and standardizing the supporting processes. The longer-term vision is to bring on more coordinators dedicated to GME programs, helping to ensure that all learners receive consistent and excellent service.

Hazen’s own education focused on jazz performance (his specialty: the saxophone). These days, he doesn’t play much sax but does enjoy participating in a musical improv team. While on stage, the team takes a suggestion from the audience. The pianist runs with the idea, and he joins his teammates in creating a musical in real time.

Brielle Maugeri

As the team continues to take shape, Maugeri is getting to know current residents and taking over aspects of day-to-day communication and coordination. She came to Jefferson after serving as special events coordinator on the team that opened the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, in 2018.

Although this is her first experience in higher education, the field is “all in the family.” Maugeri’s mother has a similar position at another university – providing a detailed understanding of the role and the skills and strengths that lead to success.

While earning a bachelor’s degree in communications studies, Maugeri landed a sought-after internship through the Disney College Program. She supported the parade and fireworks at the Magic Kingdom theme park – and still visits Orlando any chance she gets.