Jefferson Surgical Solutions

After two very abnormal years of celebrations, our Department of Surgery Annual Banquet returned in fine style this past June 17. The venue was spectacular – The Franklin Institute. This black tie event was much anticipated, and did not disappoint. Finally – a measure of normalcy.

We gathered for cocktails, shared a meal and were treated to amazing presentations from our outgoing Chief Residents: Drs. Alvarez, Devin, O’Malley, Rios Diaz, Woodward, Zalewski, and Zheng. The statue of Ben Franklin, standing tall at the center of the room, served as a magnet for photos – and proved to be an imposing supervisor of our festivities. While many awards were distributed – research awards, ABSITE awards, teaching awards and others – the two most prestigious awards were presented to Dr. Alliric Willis – the winner of the Francis E. Rosato Faculty Teaching Award (as voted by the residents) and to Drs. Alicja Zalewski and Peter Altshuler – the co-winners of the Philip J. Wolfson Resident Teaching Award (as voted by the medical students).

This was a special night for many reasons. Two of our seven graduating Chief Residents were born out of the U.S. (Trinidad and Venezuela) and immigrated here for education. Two other chiefs were born in the U.S. to immigrant parents from Poland and China. The importance of immigration to the U.S. was on full display. Also on display were the principles of continuity and longevity. Our residency coordinator – Donna Guinto was recognized for her 38 years of service to Jefferson and our Department. She has counselled and advised hundreds of residents (and faculty). Thank you Donna for all you have done for Jefferson. We wish you well as you transition to this next phase of your life journey. Additionally, we welcomed our seven new categorical and five preliminary interns, new members of our Jefferson Surgery family.

Finally – a measure of normalcy!