Jefferson Surgical Solutions

“Our team is committed to exploring and adopting new and better ways of caring for our patients. That’s evident both in the surgical techniques we use and the ways in which we engage with patients.

It’s also clear in our research priorities. One example is a recent clinical trial on immunotherapy for early-stage lung cancer. This represents the new frontier for immunotherapy, which currently focuses on metastatic or late-stage disease.

In another study, we’re collecting lung cancer samples to explore the potential to create a blood test for lung cancer. This involves drawing blood from patients with and without lung cancer and then assessing their micro-RNA to identify potential signs of cancer.

We’re being mindful to include patients of all ethnic backgrounds to ensure our results are applicable to the real-world – including the diverse base of patients that we care for at Jefferson.”

Nathaniel R. Evans III, MD
Professor of Surgery
Director, Division of Thoracic & Esophageal Surgery