Jefferson Surgical Solutions

Transitions – defined by Merriam-Webster as “passage from one state, stage, subject or place to another” but also as “an abrupt change in energy state or level (as of an atomic nucleus or molecule).” Transitions are a hallmark of academic surgery.

The coming of spring leads me to reflect on the annual professional transitions that we experience – beginning with the National Resident Matching Program, aka “The Match,” in March. Our Sidney Kimmel Medical College students learned where they will commence their post-medical school training. Our Department did exceptionally well again this year, and we will be welcoming our new group of surgical interns in mid-June; interns who will spend 6 or 7 years with us at Jefferson.

As we welcome new interns, we also bid farewell to our outgoing chief residents and fellows. These amazing young surgeons go forward, for more training, fellowships, or their first positions as newly minted fellowship-trained surgeons. Their emotions of excitement, trepidation, achievement, fulfillment and anxiety are palpable.

For our faculty complement, the summer months commonly bring change. We typically welcome new faculty who will be joining our Jefferson family (this spring and summer it appears we will be welcoming 8 or 9 new faculty members). We also have several faculty members departing Jefferson – one for new professional challenges (promotion and leadership opportunities), one or two for new experiences (change of practice focus) and one who will be completing their active surgical career (retirement from active practice). We wish those departing our very best, and congratulate them on their many contributions to Jefferson.

Transitions: we will experience an impressive number this summer of 2019.