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In addition to co-leading the Jefferson Vascular Center, Dr. Merli co-hosts the Annals of Internal Medicine’s “Consult Guys” series with Howard H. Weitz, MD, the Bernard L. Segal Professor of Clinical Cardiology.

Each month, physicians across the country tune in to a seven-minute episode of “Consult Guys” on the Annals of Internal Medicine website. They can then take an online exam and earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits in their specialty of Internal Medicine.

Drs. Merli and Weitz typically do two shoots a year to generate twelve to fourteen episodes. In addition, they do the show live once a year at the American College of Physicians’ National Meeting – most recently in Philadelphia, April 11 to 13, 2019.

Whether busting myths or solving stumpers, Dr. Merli says they aim to infuse some humor as they cover serious topics (think: NPR’s “Car Talk” but for the medical set). He notes that “Consult Guys” can be helpful to patients, too, with the most recent episode always publicly posted on YouTube.