Jefferson Surgical Solutions


Tina Nichols

As Office Supervisor in the Division of Transplant Surgery, Tina Nichols spends her days tackling a variety of time-sensitive tasks – from setting up meetings and working on provider credentialing to sorting out billing issues and scheduling patients for surgery. She supports five surgeons, a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner across their academic and clinical responsibilities, including both transplant and general surgery cases.

Nichols joined the Division of Transplant Surgery in 2015 after spending more than four years with Jefferson’s Department of Radiation Oncology. Prior to that, she worked for a private OB-GYN practice for seven years. She credits that initial job experience for familiarizing her with nearly every aspect of medical office management, including handling medical records, supervising filing staff and overseeing appointment scheduling. Most of all, she says, it taught her how to tackle challenges on the fly – and work well under pressure.

To be sure, the stakes are high for many patients served by the Division of Transplant Surgery. For Nichols, helping those patients is one of the best parts of her job.

“Transplant patients could be on the list for several years,” she says. “It’s so rewarding to support a team that works tirelessly to help people get a second chance at a normal life.”

While Nichols doesn’t provide clinical care, she always strives to deliver a positive patient experience: “I like patients to know they can call me and I will help them get what they need. They shouldn’t face any additional stress or hardship when they’re already going through what is often a very difficult time.”

A South Jersey native, Nichols will graduate from Thomas Jefferson University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management this December. When not working or studying, she spends time with her fiancé, Pat, and enjoys her longstanding passion for the performing arts, especially singing.