Jefferson Surgical Solutions


I accompanied my mother, Angela Domino, to Methodist Hospital last Friday for a breast surgery performed by Melissa Lazar, MD. I just wanted you to know how wonderful our experience was, and I place much of that credit on your employees’ personal efforts at keeping my mother calm, and supported.

At 84, my mom was apprehensive about trusting a new surgeon AND a new hospital. Dr. Lazar is a fantastic combination of intelligence; skill and a fast and strong ability to form a bond that made my mother give way her fears. Mom went from great apprehension to complete trust, and I am so grateful for this.

My experience at Methodist reminded me of my years in private practice, when I admitted patients to a suburban community hospital, where everyone knew and cared for each other. You have done a great job, and I thank you for running such a solid institution.

Frank J. Domino, MD


Dept. Family Medicine & Community Health University of Massachusetts Medical School