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Donna Guinto

Donna Guinto, C-TAGME
Certified Training Administrator of Graduate Medical Education Programs

Donna Guinto is a 22-year employee of Jefferson who has worked as the Coordinator of the Surgical Residency Program since 1994. She manages the administrative and supervisory activities of the 51-resident program.

How do you prepare for selecting next year's residents?

In September, I begin downloading applications. I do the preliminary screening with the attendings doing the final review. This year we received close to 1100 applications. It's a highly competitive process, with only six slots available each year.

What qualities do you seek in an applicant?

In addition to academic achievement, preparedness, and communications skills, we select candidates based on qualities such as motivation, honesty, and integrity. We look for team players — people whose determination is fueled by a personal commitment to helping others — patients and colleagues alike.

How do residents benefit from Jefferson's rich academic tradition?

Jefferson was the second hospital in the U.S. to be directly associated with a medical school — a real pioneer in combining patient care with formal education. In the mid-1850s, the department prospered under the leadership of Samuel D. Gross, MD, known then as the "Emperor of American Surgery." Our faculty carry on his legacy of surgical innovation and passion for clinical education.

What are some of skills that your job requires?

Multitasking – I manage the logistics of the program such as residents' work hours and schedules and monitor accreditation, board, and institutional requirements. I document the evaluation processes and counsel residents in solving problems in their personal and professional lives. It's a big job, but it comes with great satisfaction, too.